Honolulu, Hawai'i, 2016

  Professional Mission: 

  • To research how the literary interests and trends of the reading public impacts the social and professional practices of public librarians, teachers, and local leaders in underserved communities. 
  • To promote librarianship as a cultural profession which advocates for librarians to be culturally competent to provide unfettered, equitable access to information for all library users.

Professional Goals:

  • To engage in collaborative conversations about how users' information needs can be fulfilled, documented, and preserved to promote local knowledge as cultural artifacts. 
  • To conduct research that contributes to deeper understandings in the ways in which the public's reading interests and tastes inform culturally competent approaches to librarian professional practices in public and school libraries.
  • To establish a professional development model for public librarianship that encourages front-line librarians to become ongoing researchers and collaborators of their own professional experiences and practices.